To meet growing demand for high quality parts at reasonable prices we have developed , in parallel with our offer of generic parts, a range from leading global manufacturers, who are all major OE suppliers, including:

–       555 (Japan) for tie rods, ball joints, steering and suspension parts,

–       Aisin, Parault et GMB (Japan) fro water pumps and viscos fan,

–       Tama (Japan) for thermostates

–       Denso et NGK (Japan) for sparkplugs and glowplugs,

–       Aisin et Exedy (Japan) for clutch kits,

–       AMC (Spain) for cylinderheads, bolts and camshafts

–       Ajusa (Spain) for engine gaskets and gasket kits

–       NSK, Koyo et NTN (Japan) for wheel bearing kits and tensioners,

–       Exedy et Aisin (Japan) for flywheels,

–       Bando (Japan) for engine belts…

All these parts are noted in our catalogue with « Equipementier Origine » or « OEM »