We have built our range by developing long lasting relationships with carefully selected reliable suppliers.

Where appropriate and without compromising quality standards, we sometimes offer alternative parts for one reference :

  • Genuine Parts: these are components as supplied by the car manufacturer. They are supplied in their original box but at a more competitive price.
  • OEM Parts: these are parts made and supplied by component manufacturers approved by car makers for the supply of original equipment.
  • Reconditioned Parts: these are genuine used parts which have been rebuilt to a high standard to match the quality and conditions of use of the original components.
  • Generic Parts: these are brand new parts with an OE matching quality which, even if they are not genuine, are designed to work perfectly when fitted.

These options are clearly marked in our catalogue.

In all cases, the use on this website and in printed catalogues of manufacturers brand or model name, trademarks and original references are only to help define the vehicles to which parts can be fitted and are in no event intended to cause confusion about their origin.