Since 1996, Japocat have imported and distributed replacement components for the automotive industry.

Initially focused on the Asian 4WD market, we used our experience and the quality of our relationships with manufacturers worldwide to develop our range and diversify into other markets where demand is not always properly satisfied by the usual distributors of general parts.

This approach has allowed us to expand our offerings to include: 

  • English and American 4WD
  • SUV’s for example Toyota Rav4, Nissan Qashqai ou Hyundai Santa-Fé
  • Asian light trucks and vans
  • Lighting for trucks and vans except French models
  • Polyurethane bushes for classic and modern cars
  • American cars

Our range includes 14,500 references and is constantly evolving. Over the last year no less than 1800 new parts have been added to our catalogue

Our warehouses in Toulouse house 3000 m² storage, powered by more than 25 monthly imports from Asia, Australia, and Europe.

A 26 strong team works to source, store, pack and ship an average of 1500 items per day for next day delivery to 1200 distributors located throughout France.

We do not sell directly to car owners but have chosen to distribute our parts through a network of professional dealers. This is to help you enjoy a true local service, with often immediate availability of components supported by the advice and technical expertise of our qualified dealers.